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Wheel of Dependent Origination

Interdependent Origination

Interdependent Origination – Paticasammuphada

A Short Musing about the Interdependence of all things.

The Law of Interdependent Origination is another essential aspect of the inner meditative/analytical practise of a Buddhist.

Wheel of Dependent Origination

To give a basic explanation of what this law means, let us consider any thing around us in our environment which we can interact with. Let’s take a bottle of lemonade, for example.
If there was no bottle in existence then the lemonade would not be able to served to you (at least not in a bottle), if you didn’t exist as a customer, the bottle wouldnt be produced at all either! If there were no factories, workers, monetary system, sand on the beach (to make the glass for the bottle), then none of these things would have been able to exist.. the chain of interdependent factors allowing us all to exist in this Universe is endless and interwoven to include every single individual molecule and entity in existence. Everything that is, is inter-related and inter-connected. We could not exist without each other! – repeated long term consideration of this and the other basic concepts of Bhuddhist thought (Dharma), are the keys to liberation from suffering (through cutting the roots to the causes of suffering) and the path to Enlightenment and Nirvana