Kata Chinabanchorn

Kata Chinabanchorn (China Banchara Ghata)

Pra Kata Chinabanchorn of Somdej Dto

The Legend of the Chinabanchara Kata (Kata Chinabanchorn), begins when Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri traveled to Gampaeng Paetch to visit some relatives, and paid a visit to a very old temple there, by the name of Wat Sadet. There was a Chedi there with Buddha relics close by to the Bping river where an ancient Kampir (Grimoire) had been found. It was in Singhala and was found buried inside the Chedi Stupa, and Somdej Dto was given this Kampir to take with him, which he did, and placed it in his Guti at Wat Rakang.

Kata Chinabanchorn with Somdej Pra Puttajarn Dto Prohmrangsri

That evening, about 3 a.m. Somdej Dto saw a Nimitta (Vision) of a tall young man with sharp eyes and a white robe standing at the top of the bed. Somdej Dto controlled his mind and saw that this was not a Human standing there, and so asked in Samadhi meditation;

“That I am able to admire you with my eyes must mean perhaps that I have done something outside of the Path of the Buddha’s Teachings? Please teach me and let me listen to the Dhamma and find out where I went wrong”

“You are walking the Path very close to the Way of the Pra Samana Kodom (The Lord Buddha) Himself, but your idea to make amulets to give to the people as a memento and reminder of the Triple Gem, they must be made properly”, said the messenger. “Tan Dto (Somdej Dto), you believe in the power of the Mind and in the existence of the Vinyana (Winyaan in Thai) So you must know how to and, use the correct methods and ways to Empower the blessing of these amulets – you have to project your mind”.

“Khrua Dto (another name for Somdej Dto), let me the Messenger, and tell you about the various directions which are auspicious and those which are not auspicious, in setting up the incense, candles, flower garlands and Tian Chai. This is the Tradition and Law of the Devas and Brahmas.”

“These Laws are especially important for blessing amulets. Seeing you send your Mind to investigate even deeper who I am, I can respond to you that I am Taw Maha Prohm Chinabanchorn (Lord Brahma Chinbanchara) and am the disciple of Pra Mokkhalana, who attained the highest attainments”.

Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri Wat Rakang Kositaram

After this was communicated, Somdej Dto came out of Samadhi, and took the Kampir Grimoire out of the Yaam (Monks bag) and began to study it. He found out that the Banchara Sutta invokes the Merits of the Buddha and the Arahants to come and protect who Chants the Mantra. He then began to take extracts of what he could translate, and recompose them omitting perhaps some parts which were untranslatable. He completed the composition and prepared to offer it to Taw Maha Prohm Chinabanchorn.

The Protection Stanzas of the Victorious One

1.Jayaasanaagataa Buddhaa
Jetvaa maarang savaahanang
Catusaccaasabhang rasang
Ye pivingsu naraasabhaa

(1.Those Buddhas who defeated the Mara and his hosts, were the most brave, sublime, sublime, noble and mightiest of men who had sipped the immortal taste of the Four Noble Truths.)

2.Tanhankaradayo Buddhaa
Sabbe patitthitaa mayhang
Matthake te munissaraa.

(2.The twenty-eight Buddhas, one of whom was Tanhankara Buddha, were True leaders of the world. May each and every one of those wise sages be dwelling upon the crown of my head.)

3.Siise patitthito mayhang
Buddho Dhammo davilocane
Sangho patitthito mayhang
Ure sabbagunaakaro.

(3.May all the Buddhas be enshrined on my head and in my eyes their Sacred Teachings; in my heart the community of noble disciples of the Blessed One who are the spring of all virtues.)

4.Hadaye me Anuruddho
Saariiputto ca dakkhine
Kondanno pitthibhaagasaming
Moggallaano ca vaamake.

(4.May Anuruddha Thera dwells in my heart, Saariputta Thera the Chief Disciple at my right side, the Elder Kondanna at the back and Moggallaana the other Chief Disciple be at the left.)

5.Dakkhine savane mayhang
Aasung Aananda Raahulo
Kassapo ca Mahaanaamo
Ubhaasung vaamasotake.

(5.Likewise, may Aananda and Raahula dwell at my right ear, and at my left ear dwell Kassapa and Mahaanaama.)

6.Kesato pitthibhaagasming
Suriyo va pabhankaro
Nisinno sirisampanno
Sobhito munipungavo.

(6.May the mighty sage, Sobhita, seated in all his glory, like the blazing sun, dwell upon every hair-tip on my back.)

7.Kumaarakassapo thero
Magesii cittavaadako
Mahesii cittavaadako
So mayhang vadane niccang
Patitthaasi gunaakaro.

(7.May Kumaara Kassapa Thera, one who seeks the greatest virtues, commands fine speech and is the spring of fine virtues, always be the dwelling guardian of my mouth.)

8.Punno Angulimaalo ca
Upaalii Nanda Siivalii
Theraa panca ime jaataa
Nalaate tilakaa mama.

(8.May these five Elders : Punna Thera, Angulimaala Thera, Upaali Thera, Nanda Thera and Siivalii Thera, be just like the auspicious marking anointed on my forehead.)

9.Sesaasiiti mahaatheraa
Vijitaa jinasaavakaa
Etesiti mahaatheraa
Jitavanto jinorasaa
Angamanggesu santhitaa.

(9.May all the rest of the eighty great disciples and sons of the Buddha, the Victorious One, who have defeated all their defilements and prosper by the moral disciplines they adhere to, condescend in to be with me all the minor and major organs of mine.)

10.Ratanang purato aasi
Dakkhine mettasuttakang
Dgajaggang pacchato aasi
Vaame Angulimaalakang.

(10.May the Ratana Sutta be remained to my front, may the Metta Sutta be at my right side, may the Dhajagga Sutta be remained at the back and may the Angulimaala Sutta be remained at my left.)

Aakaase chadanang aasi
Sesaa paakaarasanthitaa.

(11.The khandha Paritta, Mora Paritta, Aaataanaaiya paritta and the rest
From a sheltering frame for me, Just like the canopy above or the wall around me. )


(12.May the sublime Dhamma which is the power of the Victorious One be adorned upon me just like a seven-layer wall protecting me from all outside and inside dangers or perils which may arise from whatever natural causes, wind or bile so that there will be none of these dangers remain.)

13.Asesaa vinayang yantu
Vasato me sakiccena
Sadaa sambuddhapanjare.

(13.Let all the remaining illness be got rid of by the power of the Victorious One whose virtues are endless, all throughout the time when I still observe the moral disciplines of such a moral person like, for example, the Buddha.)

Viharantang mahitale
Sadaa paalentu mang sabbe
Te mahaapurisaa sabhaa.

(14.May all those great and brave Noble Ones who live in the midst of the Victorious One on this earth protect and guard me.)

Sugutto surakkho
Jinaanubhaavena jitupaddavo
Sanghaanubhaavena jitantaraayo
Caraami jinapanjareti.

(15.Indeed, thus am I well protected as all the distresses have been rid of by the Victorious One; so may whatever potential dangers there may be in the future, be eliminated by the power of the Buddha and the Sangha and may the same power of the truth of Dhamma protect and guide me that I may live and thrive on the path of the Victorious One.)

Above – Pra Somdej Amulet with the Chinabanchorn Kata Inscribed in the back face in its entirety.