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Ajahn Chah's Wisdom - click image to read a Quote from the Master

What is Dhamma? What Isn’t?

“Everything is Dhamma. Not only the things we see with our Physical Eye, But also the things we see in our  Minds”.

Ajahn Chah

Ajahn Chah's Wisdom - click image to read a Quote from the Master

Ajahn Chah Supatto – His Wisdom is endless – click image to read a Quote on Seeking Peace from the Master of Teaching Dhamma, with Simplicity.

Ajarn Spencer’s Notes;

“The Contemplation of Rupa and Nama Dhammas leads to Intuitive Understanding (Insight) of the True Nature, or Essence of all Phenomaena (Dhammas) namely, that they are empty (Sunyatta) – empty of an owner or governing body, that is unchanging (Anatta), Impermanent due to constant change (Anijja), and lead to Eventual Dissatisfaction due to Impermanence (Dhukkha).  And that all of this, worldly existential soup of phenomaena, is a mass of blubber known as ‘Sangkhara’. And that only that which is not any of those Sangkharas, is Nibbana”.

“Nibbana is not so far away, in fact, it is ever present, but our minds are unable to experience it because of the Dhamma of the veils.. the Dhamma of illusory perception and the Dhamma of assumption”

The Dhamma is Ultimate truth, but even such a thing as ‘A Lie’ is a Dhamma, for Dhamma are Phenomaena, and ‘The Dhamma’ as meant by Humans, is the word used to refer to ‘Ultimate, Absolute, Eternal Truth’

I hope you now have a deeper understanding of the word Dhamma. (Words are ‘Nama Dhammas’ – Mental Objects, Forms are ‘Rupa Dhammas’ – Physical Objects).

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