The Venerable Ajahn Chah Speaks for the first time again on DharmaThai.Com – Exerpts of the Book “No Ajahn Chah – Reflections” Verses from the Chapter on Peace.

Luang Phu Chah

Once there was a Lay Person who asked Ajahn Chah, Who He Was?

Ajahn Chah, knowing that this Person would not be able to Understand Deep Dhammas, pointed to Himself and replied; “This, This is Ajahn Chah!.

Another Time, Ajahn Chah was asked who He is by another Individual. But this person Ajahn Chah saw to be able to understand the Dhamma well, and so he answered; Ajahn Chah? There is no such thing as Ajahn Chah“.

Emptiness Mantra - Sunyataa Mantra

On Peace

Ajah Chah asks “What is Peacefulness Like?”

Ajahn Chah Answers; “What is Confusion? Well Peacefulness is the End of Confusion”.

Know what is Good and Bad, whether Travelling or Living in One Place. You can not find Peace on a Mountain, or in a Cave. You can even go to where the Buddha Attained Enlightenment, without getting Closer to the Truth.

Original collection of Dhamma reflections of Ajahn Chah published for Free Distribution, Compiled and Edited by Dhamma Garden following the wish of Ajahn Chah, that his Dhamma Teachings never be Sold in any Way or Form. The book is for Free Distribution only.

“Offer the Gift of Dhamma to Others as Freely as it has Been Offered to You”

(Our Beloved Teacher and venerable Master – Ajahn Chah)

Venerable Ajahn ChahLooking Outside the Self, is to Compare and to Discriminate. You will not find Happiness that Way. Nor will You find Peace if You spend Your Time looking for the Perfect Person, or Teacher. The Buddha taught Us to Look at the Dhamma, the Truth, and not to look at other People.

Where is Peace to be Found?

Peace is Within Oneself to be Found in the Same Place as Agitation and Suffering. it is Not Found in a Forest or on a Hilltop. Nor is it Given by a Teacher. Where You Experience Suffering, You can also find Freedom from Suffering. Trying to Run Away from Suffering is Actually, to Run Towards It.

Learning  to let Go

If You let Go a Little, You will have a Little Peace. if You let Go a Lot, You will have a Lot of Peace. If You let Go Completely, You will have Complete Peace.

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